Post-doc INCa en immuno-oncologie

This INCa-funded project is based on a unique academic-industry R&D partnership gathering MEDyC unit (CNRS UMR7369), Gustave Roussy Institute and Apmonia Therapeutics, a biotech company dedicated to developing anti-cancer immunotherapy strategies.

The goal of the project is to deeply investigate the relevance of targeting the TSP-1/CD47 axis in the purpose of restoring anti-tumor immunity in ovarian cancer, one of the highest unmet medical needs in oncology. We will seek to open new therapeutic perspectives for the treatment of ovarian cancer focusing our attention on an optimized drug candidate (TAX2) with highly advanced preclinical characterization.

As a priority, the post-doctoral research scientist will further decipher and characterize the TAX2-mediated immune response (in vitro & in vivo) to strengthen the proof-of-mechanism for TAX2-related immunomodulation in ovarian cancer. He/She will also contribute to provide a rationale for an optimized therapeutic combination strategy using TAX2 drug candidate.

We are therefore looking for a highly motivated candidate with significant background in onco- immunology (knowledge and technical skills) and mouse tumor models (animal experimentation degree is an essential prerequisite).
Ideally, the candidate would have several years of research in the field of tumor microenvironment with expertise on extracellular matrix components.

The candidate will have to work in close interaction with the two other partners of the project, namely Gustave Roussy Institute and Apmonia Therapeutics R&D team. Organization skills, strength of proposal, team spirit and high level of autonomy are required.

The position is available for August-September 2021.

Interested candidates are invited to send a detailed CV with publication list, motivation letter and referees names to Pr. Stéphane Dedieu (

Key words: tumor microenvironment, extracellular matrix, immuno-oncology, ovarian cancer, therapeutic combinations.