Creation of Apmonia Therapeutics

A biotechnology company specialized in the development of anti-cancer immunotherapies, spin-off of the MEDyC Unit.

The research work conducted within the team over the last few years has led to the emergence of the drug candidate named TAX2, whose efficacy and non-toxicity have been validated at the pre-clinical level (patents EP2729495, US2014296477, CA2840719 & JP2014525740).

This work led in April 2019 to the creation of Apmonia Therapeutics, a biotechnology company specialized in the development of cancer immunotherapies. This company, a spin-off of the laboratory, acquired on July 15, 2019 an exclusive license for this family of patents (all applications). The objectives of Apmonia Therapeutics are now to accelerate the access of the TAX2 peptide to the market (formulation and scale-up, first-in-man clinical trials) while maintaining an associated R&D activity in strong articulation with the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne and the MEDyC laboratory at the origin of the technology.

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