Atomic force microscopy to study the evolution of elasticity of elastic fibers during vascular aging

In this study published in 2021 in the journal NANOSCALE, researchers from the "Matrix Aging and Vascular Remodeling" team used atomic force microscopy technologies to study the evolution of elasticity of elastic fibers, at the molecular level, during aging in mice. Valuable new information that helps to better understand the evolution of vascular stiffness associated with normal and pathological aging...

Berquand A , Wahart A , Henry A , Gorisse L , Maurice P , Blaise S , Romier-Crouzet B , Pietrement C , Bennasroune A , Sartelet H , Jaisson S , Gillery P , Martiny L , Touré F , Duca L , Molinari M . Revealing the elasticity of an individual aortic fiber during ageing at nanoscale by in situ atomic force microscopy. Nanoscale. 2021 Jan 14;13(2):1124-1133.


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